A survey conducted by Global Research Marketing revealed that Lima’s executives prefer specialized postgraduate degrees related to strategic planning, human management and finance. Find out more in the following note from Universia!


The Global Research Marketing survey was conducted among 150 executives in Lima. Some 70% of them have already passed their postgraduate studies or, failing that, are in the process of doing so.

The remaining 30%, who have no postgraduate studies, prefer a specialized master’s degree to an MBA.
1. Topics

With regard to the specialized master’s degrees that attract the largest number of executives, it is possible to affirm that those that arouse the greatest interest are: human management, finance and strategic planning.

2. Universities

At the local level, Universidad ESAN, Universidad del Pacífico and Universidad de Piura are the preferred institutions for executives. The most popular ones on the international scene are the Egade Business School (Mexico), the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), and the University of Georgia (United States).

3. Funding

Among those surveyed, 55.2% of Lima’s professionals who are studying or did a master’s degree say they paid for it with their savings. 28.6% of them are financed thanks to the financial support of the company they work for. While 12.4% opted for one of the financing plans offered by universities. Among executives who plan to pursue graduate studies in the future, the preferred funding option is the one granted by the universities with a 30.8% approval rating.

Why is a specialized master’s degree better than an MBA?

Yuri Mendoza, a Peruvian specialist in Human Resources with two master’s degrees, spoke with Mundo Negocio about the educational offer at the postgraduate level. According to Mendoza, a specialized master’s degree offers students the possibility of applying their particular knowledge to the area of work. The MBA, on the other hand, offers a more general view, with more topics being dealt with in less depth.


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