MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, the most internationally recognised and prestigious postgraduate programme. It is aimed at graduates and professionals who wish to develop their activity in the field of business management.


image What is an MBA?
Studying an MBA allows you to specialize in business management. The students learn the skills and abilities that any manager should have. It is usually taught by professionals from the sector, and also includes an internship period so that students can demonstrate what they have learned in a real business environment.

From Mastermania we have gathered several keys you should know about MBAs: what the acronyms mean, what contents are taught, what modalities exist, which are the rankings that rank the best MBAs…

How was the Master of Business Administration created?
The MBA (Master of Business Administration) has its origins in the traditional postgraduate studies of American universities, and later came to Europe from the United Kingdom. Although they were born in the heart of universities, MBAs are currently also taught in business schools promoted by private entities, regional institutions, business groups…

What is the content of an MBA?

The MBA program is designed to provide future managers with the skills and knowledge in the functional areas that anyone needs when running a business: communication, financial management, strategic management, marketing, human resources or operations, among others.

What types of MBAs are there?

There are currently four types of MBAs: Executive, International, full-time or part-time:

MBA Executive: aimed at executives who wish to expand their business training while working. Students must have a university degree and a minimum of 2 to 5 years experience in management positions.

Full Time/Part Time MBAs: Full-time or part-time MBAs are distinguished by how the teaching load is divided, either in one or two years. The Part Time mode allows you to combine studies with work, unlike the Full Time mode, which requires complete dedication.

MBA International: The International MBA programme is structured in such a way that training and internships in companies take place in several countries. For this reason, the access criteria are more rigorous, as students must prove an advanced level of language because it is usually taught in English.

What is an MBA for?

With an MBA the student acquires the skills and competencies necessary to run a business. In addition, the MBA includes internships in companies that allow students to demonstrate their worth in a real environment and to interact with professionals in the sector.

The teaching team is made up of professionals of renowned prestige, with consolidated professional experience that allows them to pass on their know-how to their students and provide them with access to large companies.

For its part, the International MBA provides added value, such as learning and working in international environments. Students demonstrate their ability to adapt to change, their high performance in different cultures, and their command of several languages, making them the perfect candidate for companies with a presence in several countries.

How to choose an MBA?

There are some keys that can help you choose the MBA that best suits your needs. Assessing aspects such as the teaching method (Learning by doing) or investigating whether it can be personalised according to the student’s availability are some useful tips. You should also consider whether you want to study the MBA in Spain or abroad. In addition, you can see which are the best MBAs in the world in the different rankings mentioned in the following section.

Which is the best MBA?

Choosing a single MBA as the best in the world is virtually impossible. Each year, different publications of international prestige produce rankings with the best MBAs in the world: the rankings of Forbes, Financial Times or The Economist are usually led by universities and business schools in the United States and the United Kingdom.


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